Privacy Policy

Whenever two parties, client and the owner come in the contact of each other there are certain types of things that have been kept between them. These various types of things carried out between the two parties have to maintain complete confidentiality in it.
Duties of the client:
  • The client getting involved in the entire process has to keep various types of things given by the owner completely confidential.
  • It is the duty of the client to keep the complete quotes and prices given by the people completely confidential.
  • Various types of special benefits given to the client from the owner should not be discussed to the other people.
  • Different types of policies and rules should not be disclosed with the other people present.
  • Special attention is given to the special needs and requirements of the people.
Duties of the owner
  • The personal information of the client should not be disclosed to the other people who have been turned as the client.
  • Any note of the status or class of the people should not be disclosed to other people.
  • The overall budget of the client should also not be disclosed.

At Discover Web Design Perth we take a special note of the various types of things that are related with our clients. Our clients can trust us freely and we will be coming to the with some of the very best things that have always been required by their side in the entire process of web development.
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Harry Herington
“The entire team working at the Discover Web Design Perth was very patient and polite. They maintained a constant peace of mind throughout the entire procedure of web design and served me with very best results that were required by me.”
- Harry Herington.
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